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Here is a sample of some of my maternity gowns that I have for you expecting moms to use during your sessions if your are interested in wearing gowns. Remember, your maternity session packages are 50% off when you pre-book your newborn session.

Descriptions of the maternity gowns shown:

1) Light Blue: This gown is not really sheer. it’s strapless, beyond floor length and does NOT have a split or opening anywhere. This gown could blow in the wind some (if there is wind!). It is the same dress as the pink dress shown right below it on the left side.

2) Ivory/pink: The gown is strapless. The gown if long and beyond floor length in the back. Ideal for wind! There is a split down the middle. The bottom of the dress below the bust is somewhat sheer and I do have shorts to go with it. The top of the dress (the bust area) is textured with lovely lace.

3) Teal Dress: This is a wrap dress (with a tube top as well). So, it can be worn as a skirt and wear the tube top making it a two piece, or you can wrap it around you as shown and make a dress of it. It is not sheer. It does not really have a split down the middle, there is an opening at the end as it is a wrap dress so you can so a little leg if desired.


Interested in seeing what it is like working with me? follow this YouTube link to she a short video of me work with a family during their newborn sessions and then later that day working with a family with their toddler/Family.   SESSION.HTTPS://YOUTU.BE/K_0OMCR1BH8


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