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This adorable family is expecting baby number two. And that cute little guy was once a little newborn in my studio!! It’s amazing how fast the grow.

When you pre-book you newborn session (which is always important to insure a sport on my calendar) you receive 50% and maternity session package! This is a standing offer and not a short promotional offer. 

If you are interest in pre-booking a newborn session, booking a maternity session, or and questions about either click they contact button up on top of the page. (for mobile devices it is a different setup and viewing) 

Now (not about his lovely Mom on the beach, but for all of us Moms in general)… I know from experience as a Mom myself and from talking to so many other mothers that not all of us feel that we look the greatest during are pregnancy. But listen to me… You ARE beautiful! You spouse/partner thinks your beautiful and the child you are expecting will one day look back at your maternity photographs from when you were carrying them and they are NOT going to see any flaws that you see. They are going to see you.

Us women are our own worst critics. We put too much thought into everything and we find flaws with our appearance that either don’t exist, flaws our loved ones don’t notice, or that we are still beautiful anyways. Whether we are talking about a professional maternity session, a profession family session or everyday photos and home and family parties. Let’s be gentle with ourselves and remember that these photos are not really just for us and this is not really just all about us… WE are leaving a legacy. There will be a time when our children are older and these photos will be cherished dearly by them and our family.


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