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This lovely Mom who is expecting baby number two had a maternity session at the beach which turned out to be a very foggy day. Seriously? Foggy! But we made the best of it and she rocked those gowns!! Way to go Mom! 🙂

I’m always asked if I have maternity gowns. I do. I have MANY. Let me describe the style of the three gowns lovely Mom is wearing below:

1) Royal Blue: This gown is beyond floor length and could blow in the wind (if there was wind, lol). It is not sheer. You can she that it has a split down the middle to show belly if desired. If you do no want to show your belly, you can hold it closed like in the photo of the red dress. If very modest, this royal blue dress can be turn around backwards leaving the split in the back and then I have MANY small claps that completely and quickly keep it closed as if it has no split at all. This gown also obviously has long sleeves. 🙂

2) Red: This dress is the exact same dress as the royal blue dress except in a different color. It is not sheer. But has one other difference besides color… with this red dress the long sleeves are not attached and can be removed to give you a strapless gown look if desired. Pretty cool! Two looks with one dress.

3) Pale Pink: This dress is beyond floor length. Has a split down the middle to show belly if desired and ties as a halter top (could also tie as a strapless, but looks better as a halter). I do have matching shorts for if you do want to have it opened more and try walking around poses. This dress is not sheer.


Maternity sessions are 50% off when you pre-book you newborn session. Pre-booking your newborn session is important to insure a sport on my calendar as I take a limited number of sessions. I book by due dates as a tentative date. Yes, I know that babies arrive whenever they are ready. Babies are best photographed when they are between 6-10 days old. Planning ahead and pre-booking your session is important and insures you a spot on my calendar for whenever your baby arrives.


Interested in seeing what it is like working with me? follow this YouTube link to she a short video of me work with a family during their newborn sessions and then later that day working with a family with their toddler/Family.   session.


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