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Here is a recent maternity & family session that took place at the beach. This sweet little girl and soon to be BIG SISTER was a blast to watch play around in the sand. That age group of big siblings from 12 months – 4 years is not really difficult to to photograph, but ALWAYS interesting. This soon-to-be BIG SIS did awesome! She smiled big for family/maternity photos, gave genuine big hugs and then played on the beach while her momma took solo maternity photos. I am so much looking forward to meeting their newest addition and am waiting for a phone call or text to be notified she has arrived!

** Quick note about maternity session packages: When pre-booking your newborn session package you can book any maternity session package for 50% off!

Here are the beautiful pictures from their session. If you are ready to book your own session or have questions about a session, please click on the contact button above to send to a inquiry.  Typically I reply to messages within 24 hours (48 hours at most if I have a full schedule of sessions).


These images are copy righted and property of Kristin Troyer Photography. Screen-shoting and copying for any reason is not allowed. If you are a client and want me to see these photos as something you are interested in for your own session — please click on the title of this specific post and then copy the web address above, then paste it into an email to me. Thank you.

****  About the weather at beach session. The weather is unpredictable, but always beautiful. When having sessions at the beach 5% of the time we’ll get a sunny clear day. The remaining 95% of the time is split up between, partly cloudy days, fully cloudy days with gray skies, gray skies with light fog, gray skies with thick fog. I know often you hope for a sunny day, but this is something out of my control. I can tell you that regardless of the weather we are able to capture beautiful images! If you would like to look at more beach sessions so to the categories tab above (on the blue ribbon) and once it opens click of “beach”


Here are some tips & tricks for the beach and some of my favorite beach products:

**  Tip #1: You know how when leaving the beach you are covered in sand (especially are feet/legs). We try our best to wipe off with towels. I don’t know about you, but I still end up with sand in my car and taking some sand home. Here is my awesome tip to help with that… BABY POWDER! Take baby powder with you to the beach or leave it in your car. Before getting in your car rub baby powder on your hangs and legs (or wherever you have sand). The baby powder removes the moister from your skin and it’s that moister that keeps the sand sticking to you skin. I have found this to be awesome and now keep baby powder in my trunk for beach trips.

**  Favorite product #1: Beach umbrella/half dome type tent. I’m fair skinned with blue eyes. I burn easily and my eyes are very sensitive to the sun even on cloudy days. The sun causes me headaches. I also fine the tent to be a nice place for the family and kids to take a break and hide from the sun. Here is the link to the tent I bought and love ($41.99, free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime)…


**  Helpful to know: I found the stakes that came with the tent to not be deep enough to help keep the tent in place with the beach wind, so I also bought this tent kit ($15.47, free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime ):


Sandra - Love the beach pics!!!

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