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Happy almost Valentine’s Day! Wishing you all a great week. 🙂 Hopefully you all have fun plans for Saturday!? My husband and I will go iceskating together (our usual weekly date) and then head home for a quiet movie. Not super exciting to most, but it’s our idea of fun and I’m very much looking forward to it!

Here at Kristin Troyer Photography our mini Valentine sessions went great and we had a FULL day. We are now almost ready for our Easter Mini Sessions (something we don’t usually offer every year) and we will have a sneak peak with samples images soon! Valentine Minis were super fun though and I’m already brain storming ideas for next year.

As a mom of a middle schooler I’m FINALLY (lol) past the stage of making valentine’s and trying to come up with some creative or fun teacher gifts. Don’t get me wrong… it was a fun 7 year run, lol. But I must admit I did burn out. I will also admit I’m one of those Pinterest Mom’s always wanting a fun and special gift or project to make. Totally over that now! However for those of you still looking for a fun a cute teacher gift idea I have an easy one that is a favorite of mine from 2 years ago. It was actually for Teacher Appreciation week gift, but will work great for Valentine’s Day gifts too! The note reads, “Thanks for making us a bunch of SMARTIES you’re a LIFESAVER”.

I cannot take credit for the idea. Some awesome lady shared it online and included a fun printable. Here is where to find her post and printable…

These are pictures of the ones we created…
Items needed:

cellophane bags (can be found at any Michael’s Craft Store, any party supplies store and usually Joann’s Fabrics or your local Target)

twist ties or ribbon (note: twist ties usually come with the cellophane bags), but ribbon can be colorful and fun!

candy: both smarties and the individually wrapped lifesavers that come in a bag

thick card stock to print your own notes/message or any small card to attach with a handwritten note (or artwork from your child).

side note: When our Daughter just had one teacher (and funds allowed) I sometimes liked to slip a $5-$10 Starbucks gift card in there too. Not really necessary and not recommend if you have several teachers unless your budget allows for it and you are so inclined, but always really appreciated by teachers, lol.

The main idea of the gift though is suppose to be easy and fun (and cute!).

Whatever you do both for Valentine’s Day and possibly even with school/teacher Valentine’s cards/gifts, I hope you have an awesome time.

Best wishes to all!


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